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A reminder that the weiss_novella competition is running this year

the rules are very simple, 50,000 words, 1st november deadline
if you think your story might not be allowed, (shota, very au that kind of thing) just check with me,
any timeline goes, literally, from precanon, drama cds, to velvet underworld
so if you've been polishing off that novella and think you might be finished, and it's not posted anywhere else enter
all entries (if I get more than three)will be submitted for an anonymous vote
the top three entries will get a commission from an artist of their choice as prize, they will also be archived here =
I'll add a judge's favourite prize as well if there are more than five entries
if I get 5 or less everyone gets a prize, maybe not a whole commission, but a prize


Just discovered the fandom, small request.

Hello! I just discovered how mesmerizing Weiss is after a weekend marathon of watching the TV series, OVA and Gluhen (My eyes hurt now, but well worth it!). I've been surfing around looking for fanart and wallpapers of Ran and came across Jey Kama's stuff on Gorgeous art indeed.. except that one links in his fanart gallery to the fullsize/bigger version seems broken.

Does anyone have it and wouldn't mind sharing it with me? It's the colored and cel-shaded full body Crashers Ran one..
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Thanks for the help!

(Cross-posted to weiss_kreuz & wk_crashers, apologies for those who see it 2x)
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^^ Hey everyone~

I figure this is a good place to ask... But does anyone have the full version of "Unknown Reality", or know where I can get it? XD That song rocks my socks... but I dunno where to get it. XD;

:3 Please let me know, if anyone knows. ♥
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[That 70s Show] Jackie - if i could...

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:D Hey everyone! I'm new... ^_^; And I just wanted to say hi~!

While I was browsing this community, I noticed that someone had uploaded Knight's song, Look of Love... I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to maybe upload it again? I've heard it's a fabulous song... But I've never heard it ^^

Thanks a bunch, and hi again! :D
KxO Gluhen wank
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Aya/Yuushi Gluhen doujinshi scans

[crossposted to weiss_gluhen and my personal journal]

I've managed to get my hands on another of those elusive Gluhen doujinshi. This one is primarily Aya/Yuushi (Crashers) and Aya/Ken, though Yohji and Omi make a brief appearance as well. Pages are numbered the same as in the dj itself, so there's no page 1 or 2.

Sharing among friends and fellow fans is permitted, but please do not repost these scans in other communities without my permission.

Series: Weiss Kreuz Gluhen
Title: Whose bride? Who is killed?
Doujinshi circle: Decadence Junkie
Rating: PG-13/Rish for blood, violence, and Ken's questionable fashion taste
Characters/Pairings: Yuushi (Knight) / Aya; Ken/Aya
Summary: Yuushi shows up at the site of one of Weiss's missions, and Aya has to face his past.

Click here to download
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