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Aya/Yuushi Gluhen doujinshi scans

[crossposted to weiss_gluhen and my personal journal]

I've managed to get my hands on another of those elusive Gluhen doujinshi. This one is primarily Aya/Yuushi (Crashers) and Aya/Ken, though Yohji and Omi make a brief appearance as well. Pages are numbered the same as in the dj itself, so there's no page 1 or 2.

Sharing among friends and fellow fans is permitted, but please do not repost these scans in other communities without my permission.

Series: Weiss Kreuz Gluhen
Title: Whose bride? Who is killed?
Doujinshi circle: Decadence Junkie
Rating: PG-13/Rish for blood, violence, and Ken's questionable fashion taste
Characters/Pairings: Yuushi (Knight) / Aya; Ken/Aya
Summary: Yuushi shows up at the site of one of Weiss's missions, and Aya has to face his past.

Click here to download
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