The Irresponsible Captain Tyler (yoinkmyspleen) wrote in wk_crashers,
The Irresponsible Captain Tyler

Time Travel drabbles

As per the challenge on wk_100, I got some idea for a set of Crashers drabbles. But since the rules are that you write for Schwarz, Weiss or Schreient I thought I'd post them here ^^

Title: School Days
Characters/Pairings: Naru (Pawn)
Team: Crashers
Rating: G
Series: pre-everything
Challenge: Time Travel

School Days

It’s always funny seeing how one would react certain situations. When Uhyou Naru found himself back in an old classroom and seeing a familiar boy playing with very volatile chemicals in a variety of glass tubes… found himself beaming and running up behind him.

The smaller Naru turned around as he was tapped on the shoulder.

“Don’t put those together. They’ll explode.”

“Why should I listen to you?”

“…I’m bigger than you?”

He could see he wasn’t listened to as the boy turned back. Just what had that mixture done…?

“Not a word!” he said later, walking past stifled sniggering at bright pink hair.

Title: Wilful Repetition
Characters/Pairings: Yuushi (Knight), Masato (Rook)
Team: Crashers
Rating: PG
Series: Drama CD “Crashers Knight and Ran”
Challenge: Time Travel

Wilful Repetition

Standing in a barely lit corridor, Yuushi blinked as the alarms began to sound. I’ve been here before…

Instinctively, he flattened against the wall as he heard footsteps. Wait, that’s-

Eyes wide for only a moment as he realised what was happening, he remained shadowed and watched as he tried to drag Masato from the door.

“Rook… Rook!”

Slowly it dawned on him as he gazed on his former self and comrade.

It should have been me.

Eyes fixed on Masato, he stepped forward, arm outstretched to grab his collar.

He stopped. …Ran… The coat eluded his grasp. The gunshot rang out.

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