Song download..?

*peeks and waves a little Weiss flag*...hello I'm new here and have been a big fan of Weiss..and I was wondering if anyone had the song "Someday" that Aya sings about love...*wants to hear it so bad* I also have "Look of Love" (Knight's song) if anyone wants it..please if anyone has the song I would greatly appreciate it!


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This is especially dedicated to my friend stella_owned, and to all Ran/Yuushi shippers out there. All the best in life, and hope you're doing alright. ^^

Artist: nizlaili
Fanart: Ran/Yuushi, Worksafe
Medium: My ever trusted 0.7mm mechanical pencil and a bag of crisps

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Icons and RP comm

Since finding this nifty comm, I decided to post my small spate of Crashers icons ^^

Comment and credit if taking please :)


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Ooh, also while I'm here (I hope this is allowed) I'd like to pimp a new rp comm which is looking for Weiss characters and would be thrilled if any Crashers came into it.

The comm is ewige_dasein and is a multi-fandom RP, based on the Rosenkreuz academy and training institute. However, in this AU, the Weiss boys were psychics and Rosenkreuz got to them first. So with this break in canon, you don't need an excessive knowledge of the series to play well :)

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Hi all :)
Just wanted to ask -- Did Ken, Yohji & Omi know about Crashers as a team and/or know the personally during Kapitel and Dramatic Prescious series? When and how did they meet?